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Business destination of India
East India
Jamshedpur, Jharkhand More about the cityHotels in Jamshedpur
A city founded by the late Jamshedji Nusserwanji Tata, India, then known as Sakchi was home to the first private Iron and Steel company of India. The areas surrounding Jamshedpur are rich in minerals, including iron ore, coal, manganese, lime. Some of these areas are Jamadoba, Noamundi and West Bokaro. Located in the East Singhbhum district of Jharkhand on the Chota Nagpur plateau, it is surrounded by the beautiful Dalma Hills, and the rivers Subarnarekha ....
Siliguri, West Bengal More about the cityHotels in Siliguri
Geographically the location of Siliguri is unique in that by only half an hour’s drive one will reach center of dense forest or start climbing the hills. Meandering roads to Kalimpong or Gangtok running parallel to the River Teesta or Rangit with its rapids and falls is one of the finest stretch of landscape in the world. Cluster of hill stations around Siliguri will make any country proud. Once you leave the plains and start climbing one enters a differen....
Kolkata, West Bengal More about the cityHotels in Kolkata
Kolkata the capital of West Bengal is also the gateway to eastern and northeast India.It is the only city in India that Trams are working on the road. No other city in India exhibits contrasts as Kolkata exihibits-Great wealth yet greater poverty, spaciousness cheek by jowl with most over crowded slums in the world. Here western culture in eastern life is found.
Patna, Bihar More about the cityHotels in Patna
. Patna once called Pataliputra the capital of Bihar, is among the worlds oldest capital cities with unbroken history of many centuries as imperial metropolis. A very fertile arched stretch of land along the bank of the Ganga, whose history and heritage of modern day Patna go back well over two millennia. Like Delhi, Patna too had been the regal seat of governance for successive kingdoms since ancient times. And to this day, it is the capital city of the s....
Ranchi, Jharkhand More about the cityHotels in Ranchi
Ranchi, capital of newly founded state of Jharkhand, is a picturesque city situated in valley of Chotanagpur at a high altitude of 2140 feet (654.5 meters) above sea level. Ranchi is well known for its picture perfect attractions like waterfalls, cool and calm climate, barren rocks, and hillocks. This calm and quiet city also is a emerging industrial town. Apart from being a tourist spot this place also boasts of several reputed educational institutions. D....
North India
Delhi, U.T. More about the cityHotels in Delhi
Delhi is the sixth most populated metropolis in the world with a population of 15.3 million (2005 figure). Delhis metropolitan area, informally known as the National Capital Region (NCR), comprises of the NCT and the neighbouring satellite towns of Faridabad and Gurgaon in Haryana, and Noida and Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh.
Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh More about the cityHotels in Kanpur
Kanpur stands as one of North Indias major industrial centers with its own historical, religious and commercial importance. Believed to be founded by king Hindu Singh of the erstwhile state of Sachendi, Kanpur was originally known as `Kanhpur`.
Jhansi, Uttar pradesh More about the cityHotels in Jhansi
The gateway to Bundelkhand, Jhansi is a city that is linked still with the legend of its fiery queen. Rani Laxmibai. In the 1857 war against the British, she led her troops into battle, striking a blow for Indian independence and laying her life down for her cause. Jhansi is ideally located for various rewarding excursions in the area. Jhansi was a stronghold of the Chandela kings. Balwant Nagar was the name of this place. But in 11th century Jhansi lost ....
Kalka, Haryana More about the cityHotels in Kalka
The town lies on the Ambala-Shimla national highway. It forms the last stretch in Haryana, after which the highway passes into Himachal Pradesh. On this highway, lies the famous temple of Kalka Devi. Built on austere lines, the temple boasts of a large following in the area with special festivities held in the days of Navratra.
Faridabad, Haryana More about the cityHotels in Faridabad
The city is said to have been founded in 1607 AD. It is named after Sheikh Farid, Jahangir’s treasurer, or Baba Farid, a Sufi saint. District Faridabad after being carved out from Gurgaon district came on the map of Haryana on 15th August, 1979.
Ludhiana, Punjab More about the cityHotels in Ludhiana
Ludhiana is located on the latitude 30.55° North and longitude 75.54° East in the state of Punjab in northern India. The city stands on the Grand Trunk Road from Delhi to Amritsar.
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh More about the cityHotels in Lucknow
Lucknow is the capital of Uttar Pradesh, one of the biggest states in India and is situated on the banks of the river Gomati, tributary of the Ganga. It is famous for its gardens, parks, and unique archaeological monuments. The people of Lucknow are known for exquisite charm, courtesy, and flair of the Urdu language.
Gurgaon, Haryana More about the cityHotels in Gurgaon
The district derived its name from the name of Guru Dronacharya; the village was given as gurudakshina to him by his students; the Pandavas and hence it came to be known as Guru-gram, which in course of time got distorted to Gurgaon. Thus the district has been existence since the times of Mahabharata. The district is surrounded by Delhi & Rajasthan.
Amritsar, Punjab More about the cityHotels in Amritsar
The city of Golden Temple, saints & affectionate people. It is the legacy of fourth Sikh Guru Sahib- Guru Ramdas Ji, he laid the foundation stone of Chak Ramdas or Ramdas Pur, now called as Amritsar, which literally means "Pool of Nectar". Amritsar is home to the Religious Building important to Sikhs - The Golden Temple. Amritsar is an institution by itself. And the Golden Temple is the cradle of Amritsar with the city growing around it nurtured by its d....
South India
Bangalore, Karnataka More about the cityHotels in Bangalore
Today Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka ranks as one of the fastest growing cities in Asia. Its pleasant climate, friendly people, and its highly educated population have made this the Silicon Valley of India with almost all Computer related multinationals setting up their India head office at Bangalore. Jawaharlal Nehru, Indias first Prime Minister termed this as "Indias city of the future".
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu More about the cityHotels in Coimbatore
Coimbatore, popularly known as Manchester of South India, is situated in the western part of the state of Tamil Nadu. Covering an extent of 105.6 sq.km., Coimbatore City is the district head quarter. Coimbatore is well known for its textile industries and has excellent potential for industrial growth. Because of its proximity to the hills of the Western Ghats, Coimbatore enjoys an excellent climate throughout the year.
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh More about the cityHotels in Hyderabad
Hyderabad, in Andhra is the sixth largest city in India. Hyderabad was founded in 1591 and planned as a grid with the Charminar at its centre. It has now grown well beyond the confines of the original walled city, to include a new town north of the Musi river, the Military Cantonment at Secunderabad and a burgeoning high-tech Estate, nicknamed "Cyberabad". The citys sights include the grand palaces of its erstwhile rulers, the Nizams, and the colourful baz....
Chennai, Tamil Nadu More about the cityHotels in Chennai
Chennai, became Denver`s seventh sister city in 1984. Near the tip of India on the Bay of Bengal, the scent of sandalwood floats in the warm air of this city which is considered the Hollywood of India. From 1636 until the year 1999, Denver`s 7th sister city was known as Madras but in the year 1999 the name Madras was officially changed to Chennai.
West India
Mumbai, Maharashtra More about the cityHotels in Mumbai
Mumbai is divided into two districts, North and South Mumbai. South Mumbai, also known as Town, is considered a posh address for any Mumbaiite. Nariman Point is the Manhattan of the city, overflowing with high-powered corporate offices. It also has Dalal Street, the volatile stock market area. South Mumbai is comprised of areas such as Marine Drive (with beautiful art deco buildings), Byculla, Churchgate, Parel, Elphinstone Road, Mahalaxmi, Kemps Corner, a....
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh More about the cityHotels in Bhopal
Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, is a fascinating amalgam of scenic beauty, old historic city and modern urban planning. It is a 11th century city. Bhopal was founded by Raja Bhoj, but the present city was established by an Afghan soldier, Dost Mohammed. His descendants build Bhopal into a beautiful city. Bhopal city is also referred to as the City oflakes because of the two beautiful lakes that are situated in the center of the city. The city itsel....
Nagpur, Maharashtra More about the cityHotels in Nagpur
Nagpur is one of the most happening cities in recent times. Strategically located in the Deccan Plateau, this magnificent city has been termed as the winter capital of Maharashtra. Nagpur forms the second capital of Maharashtra and is also termed as the orange city.
Ahmedabad, Gujarat More about the cityHotels in Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad was founded by Sultan Ahmed Shah on the banks of River Sabarmati in 1411 A.D.
Sultan Ahmed Shah graced his kingdom with splendid monuments, mosques, pavilions and mausoleums, marking the beginning of the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture. Modern day Ahmedabad, the capital of the State of Gujarat is the largest city and a leading industrial centre in Gujarat. It is also the sixth largest in India. But Ahmedabad has a lot more to offer visi....
Indore, Madhya Pradesh More about the cityHotels in Indore
Planned and built by Rani Ahilyabai, the brave Holkar queen, Indore lies to the extreme west of Madhya Pradesh on the banks of the rivers Saraswati and Khan which unite at the centre of the city. The bustling and vibrant city, 186 km from Bhopal, derives its name from the 18th century Indreshwar temple. The history of Indore is inseparable from the history of the Holkar State. The founder of the House of Holkars was Malhar Rao Holkar, born in 1693 AD. His....
Jaipur, Rajasthan More about the cityHotels in Jaipur
Jaipur is an attractive destination for tourists in the desert sands of Rajasthan where modernity and tradition live hand in hand. It is widely known as “Pink City” since it was colour washed pink to welcome Prince Albert, the consort of queen Victoria of England who visited India in 1883 AD.The city was found by Jai Singh II,one of the greatest ruler in 1727.It is the only city in the world which is divided into nine rectangular sectors symbolizing nine....
Behrore, Rajasthan More about the cityHotels in Behrore
Behrore is basically an industrial area of Rajasthan. The main attraction of this place is the Neemrana Fort.
Vadodara, Gujarat More about the cityHotels in Vadodara
Vadodara is a graceful city of palaces, parks, temples and museums and considered by many as the de-facto cultural capital of Gujarat. Once the capital of the Gaekwads, the former rulers of Vadodara, it is also known as Baroda and rises from the banks of River Vishwamitri. Vadodara is also the industrial capital of Gujarat.
Archaeological findings indicate that human habitations existed here since prehistoric times. Vadodara passed through the hands o....
Surat, Gujarat More about the cityHotels in Surat
Surat, the capital of South Gujarat, was India`s most prosperous port and ancient trading centres in the 17th and 18th centuries. Located on the southern bank of Tapti, Surat is renowned for its fine silk and exquisite brocades like the Tanchoi, Gajee and Kinkhab styles sometimes woven with gold and silver threads. It is also famous for spices and its diamond market as well as ivory and wood artwork of rare beauty.
Surat has the distinction of being ....
Pune, Maharashtra More about the cityHotels in Pune
Pune, formerly known as Punavadi (in medieval times) and Poona by the British, is a city located in the western Indian state of Maharashtra. Referred to as the “Queen of the Deccan,” Pune is the cultural capital of the Maharashtrians whose native language is Marathi. Marathi is the most widely spoken language here although English, Hindi are also used. Pune is a cosmopolitan city. The city has witnessed a sizeable investment in the software and automobil....
Nasik, Maharashtra More about the cityHotels in Nasik
Nashik is one of the most important cities of Northern Maharashtra. Nashik, in Maharashtra, is situated at a distance of 200 km from Mumbai (Bombay) as well as Pune. The city has become the center of attraction because of its beautiful surroundings and cool and pleasant climate. Nashik has a personality of its own due to its mythological, historical, social and cultural importance. The city, vibrant and active on the industrial, political, social and ....