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How to get there:

By Airways:

The nearest airport is at Pantnagar, 95 km away. It is connected by Vayudoot services with Delhi. A coach takes the tourists to Corbett.
By Railways:
A train connection up to Ramnagar 270 km from Delhi, from Ramnagar taxi & Auto is easily accessible.
By Roadways:
270 km from Delhi, the route from Delhi is as under: Delhi- Ghaziabad- Hapur- Moradabad- Kashipur- Ramnagar- 10 KM Corbett.

Jim Corbett National Park India is home to a variety of flora and fauna, Corbett Park is famous for its wild population of Tigers, Leopards, and Elephants. Corbett Tiger Reserve has a great variety of fauna on account of habitat diversity. In the Jim Corbett National Park are found 110 tree species, 50 mammalsí species, 580 bird species, and 25 reptile species.

corbett national park

Jim Corbett National Park India is a heaven for Tigers as well as its prey, which include four kinds of Deer, Wild Boar and some lesser-known animals. Leopards are mostly found in the hilly areas of the Corbett Park. Some nocturnal cats found here are the Leopard Cat, Jungle Cat, and Fishing Cat. Sloth Bear is found in the lower regions of the park while the Himalayan Black Bear is seen in the higher hills only. The Dole or Wild Dog, though they can be seen in the southern areas of the park along with the Jackal. Some of the smaller residents of the park are Himalayan Palm Civet, Indian Gray Mongoose, Common Otter, Blacknaped Hare, and Porcupine. Elephants are among one of the main attractions of Jim Corbett Park. Along the Ramganga River shores, one can spot the long-snouted, fish-eating Gharial Crocodile and the Mugger Crocodile. Also seen on the rocky hillsides is the Ghoral or Goat Antelopes. The Langur and Rhesus Monkeys are well distributed through out the Jim Corbett national park and warning the whole Jungle with alarm calls when they see either a Tiger or Leopard from tree-top perches.

elephants in corbett national park
Park Area

Park Area is 520.82 sq km (1318 sq km Corbett National Park including Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary).

corbett park

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