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How to get there:

By Airways:

Kolkata is on the International network and has connections to Southeast Asia, the far-east, the Middle East as well as London and New York. Indian Airlines and other private airlines to several destinations in the country connect Kolkata.
By Railways:
Kolkata is connected to all major cities in the country by efficient and fast train services. Howrah Railway Station is the usual starting point for trains to the north. northeast,south and the west. Eastern Railway booking and information center:- 6 Fairlie place, Tel 2204025. Round the clock railway information: For incomings trains Tel:033-2203535,033-2203544;for reservation on trains Tel:033-2203496,033-2203500. Computerized Booking offices are also available at New Kolaghat Reservation office,14 Strand Road. Old Kolaghat Reservation Office, 3 Kolaghat street. Rabindra Sadan Reservation Office,61 J.L.Nehru Road, Howrah Station Fairlie place.
By Roadways:
Kolkata is linked to Delhi by N.H.2 and Mumbai by N.H.6. Some important road distance in Kms. from KolKata are: Patna-604, Puri 531, Durgapur 162, Gopalpur-on-sea664, Siliguri606,Darjeeling686, Gaya 475, Kalimpong 675 and Shantiniketan 211.

Kolkata the capital of West Bengal is also the gateway to eastern and northeast India.It is the only city in India that Trams are working on the road. No other city in India exhibits contrasts as Kolkata exihibits-Great wealth yet greater poverty, spaciousness cheek by jowl with most over crowded slums in the world. Here western culture in eastern life is found.

howrah bridge

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