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Overview Taj Mahal Heritage Places Close By In Agra
Agra Fort

Agra Fort is located on the banks of the Yamuna near the railway station. Akbar, king at 14, began consolidating his empire, and, as an assertion of his power built the fort in Agra between 1565 and 1571, coeval with the construction of Humayuns tomb in Delhi. The Agra fort retains the irregular outline of the demolished mud-wall fort of the Lodis. The fort contains splendid palaces both in red sandstone and white marble built by two generations of prolific builders Akbar and later Jehangir and Shahjahan.

red fort of agra
Jahangiri Mahal

Jahangiri Mahal (Jahangirís Palace), which was the principal zenana palace (palace for women belonging to the royal household), used mainly by the Rajput wives of Akbar. Jahangiri Mahal mixes Transoxanian (Central Asian) features, such as the verandah on the east front with its high slender columns (a translation into stone of the timber diwan of vernacular Transoxanian architecture), with courtyard halls styled in the broader Gujarat-Malwa-Rajasthan tradition as it had been passed onto the Mughals by the early 16th-century architecture of Raja Man Singh of Gwalior.

jahangir mahal
Musamman Burj

Musamman Burj is the most romantic, ornamental pavilion wherein lived two most beautiful and powerful Mughal queens-Nurjahan and Mumtaz Mahal.

mussam burj

Diwan-I-khas (Hall of Private audience) is a small hall with double marble columns inlaid with pietra dura decoration.


Diwan-I-Aam (Hall of Public audience) was again a building constructed by Shahjahan who replaced an earlier wooden structure.

Ram Bagh

Laid out in 1528 by Babur the first of the Mughal emperors this is the earliest Mughal garden. It is said that Babur was temporarily buried here before being permanently interred at Kabul in Afaganisthan. The Ram Bagh is 2 to 3 km further north of the Chini Karauza on the riverside and is open from sunrise to sunset.

another view of agra fort

inside view of agra fort

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